Terms & conditions

For the comfort of our customers here is all of the information listed regards to our terms and conditions. As we are being the provider of online services we collect information like persona data from our clients. So, why we collect and its use under conditions all is stated here.

Why we collect information:

We collect the data and personal information from our clients, customers, or website visitors on their agreement. We collect due to the following reasons:

To update them about our latest news

To make understanding with their needs and requirements

To get know about what changings they need in our services

To customize all of the things present on our website

For how long do we keep your data?

We don’t keep your data for too much long a time. If you are interested in some of our services we keep your data till we provide that service. As far as we move towards new if you show your interest in that also then we keep in touch with you but if you don’t then we no longer keep your details and automatically transfer the request to the database for removal.

What do we do with the collected data?

Feel free after coming to our place. We never sell, share, or unnecessarily use the personal data of our clients. Although, access to this data is limited with some of the company employees who deal with data management.

As we provide artists to serve at your place that is why we needed to get data from you. To contact you and to get to know about your further requirements. Once we deliver or serve you the services all of your details go to the customer's pole which is in a safe cloud. Nothing to worry about

We use the information in various conditions like to know about your remarks on our products, artists & their services in some cases.

The main reason to get some of the deep identification details:

Many people resemble each other or to find the exact person we are talking with who needs our services. So, this makes comfort for us, for our clients, and also for our artists.